Meet Babs and Her Beautifully Different Friend

Babs is a bright young girl searching for a friend. She loves to teach and each day on her farm looks for new friends who are eager to learn and who want to play with her too. But as she teaches the flowers and the chickens, and the butterflies, they don’t pay attention to her and Babs feels so sad.

All she wants is a friend who is just like her! Babs is about to give up on her quest when an unexpected visitor who is completely different from herself, arrives on the farm. Together they discover an extraordinary friendship that completely transforms how Babs learns to look again and really see the beauty in others. In this charming tale for children, a little girl learns from an unlikely teacher that differences are beautiful.

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About the Author

Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright is originally from Jamaica and has lived and studied around the world learning new languages and engaging with lots of different people and cultures.

She loves stories and believes stories are the currency for dignity. She has written several books about the role stories play in healing, nurturing mental health and being authentic. At the core of all her work is an invitation to respect or ‘look again’ at the dignity of every human being. Always try to see what is the same in all of us no matter how we may appear to be different on the outside. And be open, you never know what new things you will discover. This is her first story written for children. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and they have raised five children together.