Lu Ann Topovski

Lu Ann Topovski obtained her Master in divinity degree through Ashland Theological Seminary in 2007. She then obtained her MBA in 2010. She has owned two counseling centers and has published three books: “Rising Above – Dealing With Our Past, Making Way For Our Future”, “Rising Above Modern Day Relationships”, and “Your Moment Is Now”.

Lu Ann currently is a high Level Life Coach, teaches 12-week on-line classes, has her own YouTube/Rumble Channel, and is the TV host for The Kingdom View.

Rise Above Your Past and Soar Into Your Future

Lu Ann Topovski believes that as we do what God has directed us to do, we rise above our old ways and sorrowful patterns. As we allow God to work through us and guide us through trials and temptations, we rise above the natural tendencies of projection, and into the kingdom of God kind of thinking, which breaks negative patterns and strongholds. This in turn increases our emotional intelligence, strengthens our mental stability, and gives us spiritual maturity. As we grow in our relationship with the Spirit of God, that Christ in us, we desire to stay in step with the Spirit, and be who we have been created to be, and do what we are being guided to do by Christ.

Table of Contents Descriptions:

Chapter 1 – Being On Top Of Our Game
Chapter 2 – Pride Comes Before We Fall
Chapter 3 – Knowledge and the Marriage Union
Chapter 4 – Courage to Change
Chapter 5 – Doing Things God’s Way
Chapter 6 – Taking Responsibility
Chapter 7 – Arise – 10 Keys To The Kingdom Lifestyle
Chapter 8 – The Lords Battle – Our Victory
Chapter 9 – Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 10 – Love – The Bond Of Perfection
Scriptures to Meditate